Map For Tracking COVID 19 Cases!

Microsoft has opened a website to learn total coronavirus cases.

An influx of data comes to us about COVID 19. To give concrete information; a website is put to service. Here are the details.

COVID-19 spread all over the countries from China. As people requires to learn about progress; massive influx of Coronavirus data has caused massive misinformation.

Microsoft has created a website to put a barrier to inaccurate information. In this website, you can reach all the updated data about Coronavirus.

What is the COVID 19 map? How to use it?

COVID 19 caused massive casualties globally and created a pandemic. Various news sources created difficulties for tracking. To get ahead of misinformation; Microsoft has developed a website.

This website shows all the updated COVID-19 data with a map. And it’s on the left hand side of this site. All countries are graded about the severity.

To look at all the data about Coronavirus; you can go to Microsoft’s website from “”.

All data about Coronavirus is being taken on various institutions like the World Health organization (WHO) and US Disease Control and Prevention Center (CDC). A similar source was developed by Google.

Google has developed an informative website for COVID 19. They share all the information about Coronavirus. You can go to website from “”. They also added YouTube content to boost morale. Google uses data from World Health Organizationç

Also, you can make donations to COVID-19. Google states that all your donations made thorough website is sent to UN Foundation.

Where do you follow updated information about Coronavirus? Write them on the comments section.

What else?

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