Microsoft Will Close Down Inactive Accounts!

Internet is unforgettable for many people. While we say that let’s adopt technology, we have subscriptions all over the internet. Even more, we don’t remember the accounts we open. We leave them empty and we don’t remember their passwords. We don’t use the platforms we’re signed in because we were curious about.  Microsoft have announced that they’ll leave inactive accounts deactivated. Here are the details.

Which accounts will being closed by Microsoft?

Microsoft have started as a computer firm in 1975 and it has accomplished to become one of the forefronts around the world. Microsoft has many platforms under it’s name. Hotmail, Skype, Outlook and OneDrive are some of the applications we like. Even more, we can become signed in to Microsoft and having their applications free. As the situation is like that, most of us never have used most of the applications. As Microsoft have found out this situation happens frequently, they’ll close the inactive accounts.

The main reason lies in this decision is to get rid of dead and unneccessary accounts. It has been stated that unused accounts prevents true results in statistics.

If you have online services on Microsoft such as Hotmail, Skype, Outlook, OneDrive , Windows Phone and Xbox, your account might become terminated. Because of the decision Microsoft took, if your account is not being used in 2 years, it’ll become terminated. So, your subscriptions on those accounts are terminated.

But, if you don’t want your account to be terminated and losing it, the only solution is to log in to your account sometimes. Microsoft explained that they’ll start this process on 30th of August.

But, there’re some accounts that’s not under this decision. Those accounts are owed ones. Well, which category does owed accounts belong? What will happen to those owed ones? Continues on the news.


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