Ministry Of Health Opened A Website About Coronavirus Risk!

Ministry of Health opened a website to calculate our COVID-19 risk. It’s name is Corona Precaution.

You can learn your Coronavirus risk with an online test. Despite the increase on Coronavirus ; we get out from our houses due to emergency needs. We even become more worried after social media posts. We even thought we caught coronavirus when we cough. Now, Turkish Ministry of Health opened a website to calculate our COVID-19 risk. It’s name is Corona Precaution. What is this site? How can you analyze your Corona risk? Here are the details.

What is Corona Precaution? How can you evaluate your risk?

By calling 184; people can learn about their risk of being infected COVID-19. But, Turkish Ministry of Health opened a website to make people informed. They initiated Corona precaution website. This site contains a test to evaluate your risk for coronavirus.

While it’s address is; you can evaluate your risk from Coronavirus. The test is basic but you’ll need to fill your personal information. This test contains a couple of pages. They require your ID number, father’s name, date of birth and phone number.

They also required Captcha for possible robot and hacker attacks that requires complex numbers and charecters.

Your phone number is used to access when an emergency occured. After completing the first page; they ask your residency for the last 14 days, whether you’re a health worker and your chronic diseases.

Another page contains the countries you’ve travelled for the last 14 days, ever going to healthcare center or contacting a person with a respiratory disease.

Last page is left to complaints. There are some symptoms like coughing, headaches, fever, exhaustion and sore throat. You complete the test after you’ve tagged them. Then, an analysis of Coronavirus risk is made.

How does analysis results being shared? Do they contain certainty? What to do if you have high risk of being infected with Coronavirus? What is the biggest warning given to the test? Continues on the news.


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