Shopping With Voice Have Started On The Internet!

Despite we name smart speakers as spearkers, they’re not just providing sound and music. It can manage your house and it can even order pizza with the help of verbal commands. Even more, they can play music and also they can play a movie. Even more, it’s one of the most favourite technologies in abroad. We can say that voice recognition system is the best advancement in technology as interface. Smart speakers inside our homes are giving us practicality and easier access to information with the feature of audio asistant. Even more, they can make shopping as well.

Shopping from online comes to a voice

It’s possible to buy phones or computers, it’s possible to buy by giving a command to your audio asistant without needing to search those products. No matter how much Windows gives audio asistant service from it’s computers, audio asistants in mobile devices of iOS and Android have already been in our lives.

With those devices you can play the music you want, looking at the breaking news and looking into the weather forecast by a words in a matter of seconds. Except from that, we can do web searches from every category we want from the web and we want them to remind the place where we want to go in order not to forget. Even more, it makes our lives easier by preparing a list. With those devices, we can manage and control our homes.

Audio asistants entering our lives by Apple’s Siri, Google’s Home and the smart speaker named Amazon’s Alexa became even more improved and those audio asistants works like that: They send your voice and your conversations to their center via internet. After that, while cloud based artificial intelligence expands and analyzes the words at the same time. And they give the result’s feedback to your device.

H&M have already started shoppin with voice

Smart speakers fitted with different applications from conducted researches now being used on online shopping. Right now online shopping with voice has a market cap around 2 billion dollars. It’s been expected this market will grow and it’s also been expected to reach 40 billion dollars.Virtual asistant usage is also increasing. Only 13 percent of American households and 10 percent of British households have smart speakers. In 2022 those ratios have been expected to increase 55 percent in American households and 48 percent in English households.

It looks like that the most preferred one is Alexa and it’s closest competitor is Google Home. And it’s been followed by Microsoft’s Cortana. There’s an increasing interest onto the smart asistants by consumers but there are still trust problems when it comes to shopping. While some consumers trusts personalized product choice, some of them never trusts them. Or there are some trust problems when it comes to the best price choosing. For those reasons it’s important for brands to pay attention to this topic. Except from this, one of the most important things is that brands integrate them to the offers made by voice because in the market, less than 50 applications do them right now. It’s important for brands to take steps immediately about this topic.

H&M have made partnership with Google’s smart asistant Google Home for their products of H&M’s H&M Home category. It’s been stated that products in H&M Home stores, it’s been possible to make orders by verbal commands from Android devices and by Google Home This system has been put into use at the end of 2018. Thus, users can scan the catalogue and give the order of the product they want by a verbal command. But in order to do this they need Google Asistant, thus, they need to have a credit card registered to their Google Home accounts.

According to the data from shopping made from verbal asistants are commonly made in the categories of groceries, entertainment, electronics and appearal. E-commerce made from smart speakers and audio asistants, it’s been thought as that the perspectives of mobile shopping and e-commerce will change and it’s also been thought that retailers will shift in this direction.

Is it being used in pur country? What is the situation in Turkey? Continues on the news.


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