Watch Out For Phishing Attacks!

Cyber aggressors can fool people with using this simple method.

Phishing has been used with different methods and aims. This method is the most flexible type of social engineering attacks. Cyber aggressors can fool people with using this simple method.

How can we understand phishing attacks?

Firstly, they open a phishing page. They create the copy of a trustworthy or a popular site. They attract users from social media, fake e-mails or different platforms by using different methods to maket hem enter the site. Of course credit card information, bank account passwords or social media information are required to be registered into the site.

It’s not just the first way of phishing attacks. They can make the attack by requiring users to download a file or by clicking into the harmful link and downloading it.

As those attacks causes financial damage to people; they might even cause to lose the whole corporate network. Institutions becomes the target as individuals. The most favourite method of aggressors are downloading a harmful file or clicking a harmful link.

Phishing attacks are increasing

In 2018, website entering attempts have increased in order to make fraud. There was an increase in phishing in a recent couple of years. But in 2018, attacks have increased drastically. Because in 2017 and 2016, the number of attacks increased by 15 percent while n 2018, it reached it’s peak point.

Attacks actually hit the financial sector hard. Most of those attacks aims to banks payment systems or internet stores. By the looks of it, phishing attacks in 2018 are equal to the same attacks in 2017. This shows the risks and size associated with phishing attacks.

Phishing attacks not just happen in Turkey. Brazil takes the first place in this kind of attacks. After that, Portugal and Australia have commonly encountered with them.

With the progressing technology, social engineering methods used in phishing attacks affects the density of them. Especially in Black Friday or holidays and private days, those traps becomes much more complicated and applied with a improved infastructure. So, cheaters turns special events to opportuntiy. It’s good to watch out for the e-mails, links that you click and messages coming from social media.

In 2018, the percentage of spam e-mails reached onto 52 percent. This ratio shows us that we should watch out for our e-mails in case of spams. The biggest source of spams are China.

Well, what kind of precautions we can take and how we can protect ourselves? Continues on the news.


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