Watch Out If You’re Watching Popular Series Online!

TV series are one of the most popular entertainments that we watch in our homes with our family. No matter how much those series watching habits change and both the tastes change and both the series can being watched from different platforms, we still have some series we watch with full interest. But we’ll give you the bad news. Cyber-aggressors have targeted popular TV series because cyber-aggressors use popular TV series to launch their malwares especially on new episodes. The most popular series shown interest by cyber-aggressors are Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Arrow. Here are the details.

As TV series watching habits changes and most of the viewers are going onto internet, online broadcasting sites, applications like Torrent and other digital broadcasting channels are on the rise. After that, the cases of copyright infringement are happening more commonly. Those kinds of copyright infringements, fort he reasons of many platformsa re subscription-based, people are watching from the illegal broadcasting sites and with the help of internet sites like Torrent. But those kinds of sites especially Torrent might include some harmful softwares mostly from the data transfer programmes. Thus, despite they look like TV series, they might actually be the files of harmful softwares.

What TV series being attacked?

TV series downloaded from illegal sources can change to harmful softwares easily. According to Kaspersky Lab’s published report, it has been uncovered that assaults have been made intensively to popular TV series. The most watched TV series in both 2017 both in 2018 is the Game of Thrones. It has been made nearly 21.000 attacks in 2018. One of the most attacked series is The Walking Dead. This series has been made approximately 19.000 attacks. Except from them, the TV series Arrow has encountered over 12.000 attacks.

The interesting fact that Game of Thrones’ new series in 2018 haven’t been put on air. The developers of harmful softwares actually makes large advertisement campaigns and they make users download those new episodes contains harmful softwares and fake files.

In general, when all cases have been examined, cyber-aggressors prefers to use the season’s first episode and the last episode. For example, the first episode of the first season ‘Winter is Coming’ episode has become a target for attacks.

Cyber-aggressors with the popular TV series targets pirate content sites to their users. Especially action and tragedy series with huge premiere becomes the target of it. The most popular series first epsiodes and the final episodes has a large probability of containing harmful softwares. Aggressors make the harmful softwares being downloaded by the users when it comes to their loyalty to the TV series

Game of Thrones, which is one of the most targeted series, as the new season starts so does the speed of attacks being made. For this reason, there’s an expectation that the new series actually might contain fake and harmful softwares being expected tor ise. For this reason it’s important to be very careful for people who waits the new season impatiently and also it2s important to watch them from legal sources.

Well what should we do when we’re watching TV series or TV programmes from the internet and how should you protect yourself? Well which 15 series are under threat? Clues are in the continuation on the news.


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