Website That Tracks Coronavirus Pandemic Momently!

A website opened to track the danger of Coronavirus....

Coronavirus aka. COVID 19 started from Wuhan and spread all around the world. While it caused lots of damage in Europe; it’s dimension is increasing daily. While the world is looking onto this situation; we can only hope it passes as soon as possible. But, there are lots of misinformation. Now, there’s a website launched to track Coronavirus. Here are the details.

How to observe Coronavirus momently?

There are lots of information about Coronavirus. But, they make us scared and worried. While some sites offers information about precautions; some are statistical. One of them is prepared by researchers from Johns Hopkins University. It’s name is Mapping 2019-nCoVç In this site, there’s an online map that shows Corona virus globally.

Mapping 2019-nCoV updates numbers every time you’ve clicked it. There’s an online global map containing the situation about COVID 19. Even more, all countries cases and deaths are recorded. Also, it contains graphs about it’s journal and speed.

What are the information contains about Covid 19? How to access this site?Continues on the news…


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