What are Zoom Membership Types?

What are membership types in Zoom? What are advantages and disadvantages members'? Practical tips, in our news...

Zoom Application, which has risen with the pandemic process, offers users some paid and free services. You can video chat with 100 people in free package. If you want to talk with more users, you need to take advantage from different membership packages. Users can purchase the Zoom subscription model that best suits their needs. Each package has different features and advantages. So what are membership types in Zoom? What are advantages and disadvantages members’? Tips, in our news…

What are Zoom membership types?

Those who want to make video calls can use Zoom on mobile or desktop devices. This application offers different advantages if you want to create membership. Zoom has 4 different pricing plans, from basic to business. You can determine which purpose you want to use application and create a membership. Let’s explain step by step 4 different membership services:

1- Zoom Basic

Free membership type offered by the platform. It offers unlimited one to one meeting option. But, interviews with more than three participants, take maximum 40 minutes. You can use this platform for chat with family and friends.

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2- Zoom Pro

If you usually do extended video calls or work with a small team, you can choose Pro. This subscription plan doesn’t have a 40 minute limit. You can chat with Pro until 24 hours. You can store recorded meetings in cloud with Pro and you can create advanced usage reports. Pro membership costs around $ 15 per month.

3- Zoom Business

Zoom Business platform is designed for small and medium sized companies. It is necessary to have at minimum 10 main computer for business. However, you can have many features like special customer support, auto create transcription etc. You can chat with 300 people. Business membership costs around $ 15 per month.

4- Zoom Enterprise

You must have a company with minimum 100 main computer to become a Zoom Enterprise member. You can meeting with 1000 people. Enterprise membership costs around $ 20 per month.

So do you use which video chat applications? Which membership service do you get in this application? You can share in comments.

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