What Do We Expect From the Internet?

Internet is an important part in our lives. Well, have you ever thought that what is your expectatins about the internet and what’s not? According to a survey, the biggest achievements of internet are connecting people, opening new ways to learn and provides a better opportunity for education. Results that are according to research.

What do we expect from the internet?

While we’re celebrating the 30th year of the internet; Cisco have made a private study and conducted a research about the achievements of theinternet. 13 countries have participated on this research. More than 11 thousand people have joined as participants. Results shows that what we want from the internet and what internet can do for our community.

The biggest expectation in recent years about the internet is having an easy access to education. The second expectation is having an access to internet easily.

According to the results by this research, everyone have agreed that internet made us communicate with each other easily. The second contribution that made in our lives is the entertainment. Also making easier to know about our loved ones scores the first three place.

Internet have entered our lives such that people thinks that they can’t live without them. Even more, nearly half of the participants told that they can’t live withoutinternet .

It’s a fact thatinternet affects huge parts of our lives. The biggest impact internet made is connecting people. At the same time, it has been thought that it affects our lives hugely when it comes to having advanced communication and opening new ways to learn.

Welli which sectors got affected by internet? What will happen on 2022? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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