What Does Waiting For Netflix Subscribers?

We prefer to watch movies or TV series from the internet instead of television. The platform that we prefer to use generally is Netflix. Well, what is Netflix, how to use it and do we have to pay a price? How recent price rises affecting the subscribers? Here are the details.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is the broadcasting platform with monthly fees that allows us to do one of our favourite activities such as watching TV series, movies and documentaries. Netflix is the popular online broadcasting platform. While it first came into broadcasting in Europe, Netflix can be thought as a television from their content. But the main difference with television is that you can watch movies, TV series or documentaries whenever you want and the episode you want.

While Netflix have started it’s broadcasting life a short while ago, it became sensation around the world and it has turned into a huge habit because platform never uses advertisement in it’s content. They always state that you can watch the content at any moment as long as you have internet connection.

How does Netflix prices wary? Why they have done a raise?

We’ve stated that Netflix shows the TV series and movies without advertisements. Well if you wonder how they can make money without advertisements is making our business. So, corporation makes you a subscriber but with a monthly subscription fee. Netflix has three different subscription models in our country.

  • Basic Plan: 1 screen plan SD (One device at the same time and watch it with standard subscription)
  • Standard Plan: 2 screen plan HD (Watch it at the same time with both devices with the high resolution if available)
  • Special Plan: 4 screen Plan HD/UHD 4K (High resolution when available and with Ultra High Resolution, watch it with 4 devices at the same time)
  • DVD Plan (only exists in the USA): Only subscribers in the USA can register or they can add DVD to their broadcasting plans.

For those plans in our country, prices have been set as 15,99 TL, 27,99 TL and 39,99 TL. But Netflix have made a raise, let’s share that right now. As corporation raised the prices 2TL have put the lowest price by logic by 15 percent and made a 5 percent raise at the most expensive price.

It can be thought that corporation tries to push the subscribers to the highest option. Or they might try to stick into those options with your friends instead of you’re being alone. When Netflix put those raises in 20 Eurpoean countries and Turket also made the signals of raise in March.

Well, how can we subscribe to Netflix? Where it can be used after becoming a subscriber, what kind of benefits does it provide? Continues at the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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