What E-Sports Fan Must Be Careful When Buying A Computer?

What should you do for having good game experience in computers?

E-sports, video games, (like fortnite, call of duty, mortal kombat, League of Legends etc.), consoles (like Xbox, Xbox One, Play Station etc.) and gamers popularity gets increased day by day by a huge speed. Both entertainment and e-sport sectors importance are getting increased day by day. E-sport world’s most important part is that the improvement of computer Technologies. And so gamers rise going on nowadays. Are you a gamer? Do you want to look notebooks from gamers paradise ? Let’s we look from gamers chair to them.

Gamers prefer desktops for a long time but in recent times this preference has changed and the improvements of notebook’s performance, design, resolution and many more features getting improved, as a result many gamers have started to prefer them instead of desktops. When they’re combined with being lightweight and portable, gaming notebbooks have become much more convenient for many game lovers.

What should gamers do for having good game experience in computers?

Well what you should do for to have an real gaming experience when buying a gaming laptop? Acer, which is one of the gaming computer brands have explained neccessary features for players who wants to buy gaming notebooks.

There are things to do for e-sports fans to have a real gaming experience with their computer preference.

Display Card/GPU

Display card is the most important part of gaming notebooks and the first component as well. By being different from gaming desktop you can’t download a graphics card to a gaming notebook. Fort his reason gamers should make  the best choices. When it comes to graphics card there are two producers. Those are NVIDIA and AMD. If you don’t have worries about performance, you can choose to have a GPU and it will see your job but if you want to make your gaming experience to maximum in a high-resolution game, you can prefer which has higher models appropiate for your needs.


The heart of a gaming laptop is GPU and it’s brain is CPU and RAM. Notebook’s processing unit (CPU) handles everything except graphics. Computer processing unit or CPU affects your gaming performance, your operating software, your scanner, your efficiency application and your out of play time in your computer.

It’s very important for your processor to adapt to your video card in order to have high performance. Your computer processor might be AMD or Intel. When it comes to performance, in general, AMD ryzen 7 and Intel Core i7 are the most known in the market but AMD ryzen 5 and Intel Core i5 processors have successful performance in many games.

When it comes to RAM it’s important to have an 8 GB RAM is being recommended. This doesn’t cause issues nearl all the games but if you want to work many applications at once and if you want to edit many videos, if you want to share your games or if you want to get prepared for future then you can prefer 16 GB of RAM or above.


SSD’s provide high performance and low power consumption at the same time but they have advantage over price and high capacity compared to hard disks. SSD doesn’t affect your in game experience or your graphics but they affect your laptop’s opening and closing times. For this reason you can have much better performance in your operating system and the games you’re playing by having a good SSD.

Voice and screen

In general when you’re buying a laptop voice quality might not become a first proirity at preferred features but in multiplayer games, voice is one of the most important features of a game experience. For this reason you should choose a laptop, we recommend you to choose the models which have the technical feature list are ‘’dts surround’’ or ‘’powered by dolby’.

If you’re chosing a gaming laptop one of the most important feature is it’s screen quality. For this reason if you plan to prefer FULL HD Resolution svreen to low resolution screen one, please don’t do that because it’s important for gaming laptops to have minimum resolution of 1920×1980@ 60 hz. For this reason you can prefer UHD or OHD screen models for your budget but let’s share a small detail: When it comes to high resolution as an example if you want to play a game which has 4K resolution, it’s not true to think that you should only need a screen which has 4K resolution because you’ll need more than a 4K resolution screen.

Connection and Mouse

Pay special attention for your gaming notebook to have 3 USB connection points. It’s important for one of them to have USB 3.0. Even more it’s important to have a connection of mini display port or an HDMI connection points when you want to use and connect to a monitor.

Except this keyboard is very important for gamers. For this reason you should choose a keyboard which you can use easily for a long period of time. Extra features some gamers prefers are programmable tiles, multi-colored rgb back lightning and mechanic style pressing are among some of them.

Well what about your computer battery life and cooling system’s importance? What are the advantages to your computer which has a long battery life? Why it’s important for it’s cooling fan to work well if you’re playing?

Battery life and cooling

Battery life and cooling are not preferred and watched out frequently at gaming computers but it’s advantegous to have a long battery life is useful at mobile settings. It shouldn’t be forgotten that graphic power and processing unit’s power makes battery life shorter. Fort his reason with an only battery it can be said that computers with a battery which offers for long duration shows good performance.

It’s very important for your gaming laptop to offer you a good cooling system because computers which doesn’t have efficient cooling system can’t provide the performance you want. For this reason it’ll be useful to choose a laptop which uses the best cooling technologies and to direct yourself to hardwares which have two or more than two fans which have full hardware.

Well are you a e-sport fan? Do you play games from your computer? What kind of features of your computer have makes them advantegous over the others? You can share your opinions on the comments section below.

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