What is BluTV? How To Use BluTV?

For Watching TV series and movies online there are alternative platforms. One of them is Blu TV. What is Blu TV and how to use it? Tips, in our news…

Watching TV series and movies online has become a habit for a major part of society. Although Netflix stands out on this issue, there are other alternative platforms. One of them is Blu TV. So, What is BluTV, how to use it, what the advantages does it provide us? Tips, in our news…

What is BluTv?

BluTV is actually a digital television which founded by Doğan Holding. It offers many different the series, films and content.It also provides the opportunity to watch the live broadcast without advertising. İf you have an internet connection from your mobile devices and computer, you can use Blu TV. You can reach several TV series, movies and live broadcasts on Blu TV that is updated content frequently. There is also some domestic content that BluTV has published only for its members.

You must create a membership to use BluTV. after becoming a member, you can take advantage of current content by paying a certain fee each month.You can also take advantage of a one-week free trial period before creating the Blu TV membership. So, you can decide whether to continue using it by taking advantage of the trial period, after you create a membership.

How to use BluTV?

blutv moblobi

It is necessary to explain the issue of commitment, which is a question mark in the minds of those who want to buy BluTV: There isnt commitment problem in BluTV. In other words, you can cancel your membership at any time without paying a cancellation fee. Blu TV content İs generally not censored, but sometimes content may be censored. Censors are applied completely depending on the producer companies; they arent applied by BluTV.

By the way, let’s share immediately for those curious: Of course, there is also the subtitle option for Blu TV contents. You can watching TV series and movies with Turkish dubbing or subtitles. If you want to continue your membership after creating a Blutv membership for a 7-day trial period, you can choose to continue using it by paying monthly. There is a payment starting at about 15 TL, including taxes. If you are looking for TV series or movies from different platforms, this alternative can also help you.

So, Which platform do you watch content like movies and TV series on? You can share it from the comment section.

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