What is Google Digital Workshop?

What is a digital workshop? Does Google digital workshop giving certificate? What subjects are there trainings? Read more in our news…

Google Digital Workshop is a platform developed by Google for people want to improve itself on digital. With online lessons, users learn the realities of the digital world and they may have the opportunity to improve themselves. So what is a digital workshop? Does Google digital workshop giving certificate? What subjects are there trainings? Read more in our news…

What trainings are there in Google Digital Workshop?

Google Digital Workshop is a platform where free lessons are taught online. Instead of going into all the trainings, users can participate in the training they want. Google Digital Workshop has a lot of useful content for those who want to be professional in the online field. There are 25 interconnected trainings in Google Workshop. Topics of the trainings are as follows;

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  2. Get an online business
  3. Let your customers find you on the internet
  4. Promote a business with online advertising
  5. Connect with customers on mobile
  6. Promoting a business with content
  7. Understand your customers’ needs and online behavior
  8. Build your self-confidence by introducing yourself
  9. Don’t miss the next job opportunity
  10. Understanding the basics of coding
  11. Increase productivity in your workplace
  12. Understand the basics of machine learning
  13. Improve your business’s online security
  14. Introduction to Digital Balance
  15. Introduction to Digital Security
  16. Effective networking
  17. Business communication
  18. Communicate with story and design
  19. Public speaking
  20. Google Ads Search Network
  21. Google Ads Display Network
  22. Google Ads Performance Measurement
  23. Shopping advertisements
  24. Google Ads Video

How can you participate in Google Digital Workshop trainings?

For participate in the trainings in Google Digital Workshop you need a Google account. For attend classes in Google Workshop just click the start tab at the bottom of the tutorial. If you say that I need to get training and certification, let us state that you can only get a certificate in the “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” training. If you get a good score from an exam consisting of 40 questions at the end of the training, you will receive a certificate.

There are modules and hours that differ from course to course. Each module means a week and clocks are adjusted according to the modules.But, if you don’t want to be certified in a training, you can complete the training at any time.

At the same time, since the lessons of the trainings you attend in Google Digital Workshop are recorded, you can return and watch them whenever you forget. Although it looks more like trainings for the digital world, for example, by participating in the “Speaking in front of the community” training, you can learn how to behave more comfortably while presenting in the classroom. If you are an advertising student, graduate or want to have knowledge in the industry, you can access a lot of information thanks to Google Digital Workshop.

Did you know about the existence of Google DigitalWorkshop? Do you plan to attend one of these trainings? Which training do you intend to attend most?

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