What is Google Drive?

Google Drive gives you the storage solution for your daily work. How does Google Drive work? How is Google Drive different from iCloud? In our news...

These days people need to find ways to store their files on the internet. This is where online storage platforms come in handy. Google Drive gives you the storage solution for your daily work.

How does Google Drive work?

Google Drive allows you to upload documents, photos, videos, images, and more! It’s integrated with Google, so if you have used Microsoft Office, you will have a good idea of how it works.

GoogleDrive is Google’s primary storage platform. You can store your documents, images, and videos easily and upload content from your PC.

You have Google Docs, Sheets and Slides integrated in the platform.

This platform allows you to store, share and access files from everywhere.To store a file, simply drag it from your desktop and drop it into a folder in Google Drive. To share files, click the blue share button at the top right corner, and share to an email, or you can share the link to anyone by copying it and sending the link to someone. This platform is convenient, easy to use and it also saves you PC storage space.

To have the best experience with Google Drive, use google chrome to access all its features. First, sign in to your Google account (Gmail), and on the top right-click the app’s icon, and hit GoogleDrive. You will access Drive easily, and it will connect automatically to your google account.

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iCloud: the Google Drive for Apple

iCloud is a storage application for Apple, which has similar functionalities to Google Drive.

It is available to apple users through iOS and macOS, and Windows users can also download it through windows sync. However, the sync times in windows are slow, so you should consider using iCloud with an Apple device. With iCloud you can manage your files and folders by using the Files App or Finder.

To log into iCloud, you should first type in google iCloud, hit icloud.com, and you will have an option to download iCloud. Then hit Apple Menu > System Preferences on your PC. Here you should enter your Apple ID and Password to log into the platform. Enter your six-digit verification code to log into the platform. Follow these steps on your iPhone or Apple TV.

How is Google Drive different from iCloud?

With iCloud, you have access to its iWork Productivity Suite, which includes Pages, Numbers and Keynote. You can create and edit new documents and upload images with the iCloud photos feature,  just like with GoogleDrive.

Google Drive also gives you access to word, excel and slide sheets, which have similar functionality to the iCloud productivity suite.

The main difference between Google Drive and iCloud is that Drive is better optimized since it is made for working in the Cloud. So you will have an overall better experience with Google Drive. Also, GoogleDrive has a big list of third-party apps you can use.

So if you want to have a cloud space storage system integrated with your web browser, you should use Google Drive. Your files will sync and save automatically, ensuring you have everything you need for your daily work.

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