What Is Google Fi?

How to use Google Fi? On our news...

Google Fi is a digital network operator without using GSM. It allows good signal in every condition. But, how about the characteristics of Google Fi? On our news.

What is Google Fi? How to use it?

Google Fi is a Google service allowing the fastest internet use possible. But, it can be accessed anywhere. To do this, Google has built radio stations. So, you can sort your things out and using the internet without a limit.

GoogleFi can be purchased from the internet. Your operator and Fi work compatible with each other. So, you can use your number without the need of changing.

Which phones can use Fi?

More than 200 countries can use Fi and most smartphones works compatible with it. If not, you need to setup Fi but you’ll use it insufficient. Google Fi gives better results to the Pixel series and Moto G than iPhones and Androids.

Is Google Fi being free of charge?

There’s a certain price to pay to convert your number into Fi. To use it, you need to pay $20 for a flexible plan. And every gigabyte costs $10. If surpassing 6GB, no extra fee is charged but the internet speed decreases. Also, the flexible plan consists of $80 with the rest is paid for internetconnection.

In infinite planning, the internet, calling, and messaging are unlimited but storage space up to 100GB is allowed for $70. More affordable packages can be used by using family plans.

GoogleFi allows you to pay according to your use. For frequent travelers going abroad; Google Fi can be a good solution.

Would you change your operator to GoogleFi? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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