What is Google Search Console, How to Use It?

What is Google Search Console? Who should definitely use? How to use Search Console? For the tips check our news.

What is Google Search Console? Who should definitely use? How to use Search Console? For the tips check our news.

There are so many Google tools that website owners can use those for free. Google Search Console is one of these services. Through the search console, users can check their website’s performance and progress. What is Google Search Console? Who should definitely use? How to use Search Console? For the tips check our news.

What is Google Search Console?

The number of people and brands that create a website is increasing gradually. At the present time we live in, creating websites has become essential particularly for brands. However, it is not as easy as it seems to manage a website. You have to track the performance of your website and make improvements accordingly, and even more.

In order to track website’s progress, Google offers Google Trends, Google Ads, Google Console to website owners. Also, these tools are free. With Google Search Console, you can keep up with all your data in detail, such as clicks, pageviews. With this Google service, you can also inspect URLs; learn the mistakes you have made. You can also find instructions about search features, warning against security threats, see which sites link to your website.

What are the advantages of Search Console?

You don’t need to use the Google Search Console. However, this tool enables you to find the missing parts of your website and create solutions accordingly.

Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • Primarily, Console users can see the words that users use when they are searching about the website. From this point of view, they can improve by applying Google’s recommended settings.
  • To get good outcomes in the search engine, eye-catching images are used. Sometimes, new content to be added to websites is not wanted to be seen on the Google search engine. In such circumstances, content must be removed before Google’s scanning. In the scanning process, the pages that cause problems process are detected and saved after the robots.txt file is created.
  • Google Search Console is considered credible since its content is provided by Google. Besides, Google verifies your site ownership. Security issues that connected to the website are reported and possible problems are prevented.

Who should use Google Search Console?

  • Website Owners and Administrators: Whether they are just getting started or having advanced knowledge, website owners can use this service.
  • Business owners: Even if owner will not use the service, it is advantageous for the business to have a basic knowledge of the service.
  • SEO Specialists or Marketing People: In advanced marketing analysis, digital marketers not only can benefit from the use of Google tools such as Analytics, Google Trends, and Google Ads but also Search Console.

How to use Search Console?

First, user has to add his/her website to Google Search Console. In order to do this, the steps are as follows:

  • Login to Google Search Console, and then click “Add Feature”. In the top left, you will see “Add Property” menu. By clicking that you can add your website name.
  • After adding the website, in order to confirm whether the website belongs to you or not, confirmation is asked. Google will send code to insert it in the HTML codes of the website. We would also like to point out that you can conclude the verification process by putting the code between the two “head” tags on the side. In this way, code can be added to the HTML codes. In the case of using WordPress, you can also follow these steps: “Appearance> Editor> Theme Header.” After following the steps, you can apply the code installation in the same way and click the “Update” button.
  • In order to determine how your website looks in searches, you have to choose a domain name. For the people who don’t know, we want to point out that domains are stated as area/field name. If you want to choose a domain, you can do this as follows: “Settings> Site Settings”. By choosing that, preferred domain must be specified and saved.

So, have you ever used Google Search Console? Do you own a website? Which Google service do you utilize the most? You can share in the comments.

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