What Is Petabyte?

If you have to store large files, then you might already hear a term called petabyte. With the advancement in storage technology, we started to hear this term too often. This is why we wanted to compile this guide and inform you about what it is and what it is used for. If you are planning to learn more about this term, then this guide is for you. Besides what it means, we have also covered what size it is and whether it is a lot smaller than a gigabyte. In short, you are going to learn everything you need to know about it. This may be a great step to be a more tech-savvy person. So what is petabyte?

What Does Petabyte Mean?

A petabyte is a term that is used to define a certain amount of storage capacity. In addition to this, it is also used in memory as well. Basically, we use this term in the information technologies industry to refer to the total amount of storage capacity that hardware has.

It is worth noting that it is one of the largest units to define the storage capacity for now. Unfortunately, due to the setbacks in hardware technology, we are not able to use larger units. However, these days, a petabyte is the largest storage unit that we can use in our hardware, and it is a bit more expensive than other storage units.

What Size Is a Petabyte?

A byte is the smallest memory or storage unit in computers and hardware. In general, we calculate other byte units such as megabyte, gigabyte, or petabyte with exponential numbers. In order to calculate petabytes, we take 10 bytes as the basis number. Later on, we put 15 exponential numbers on them to calculate petabytes.

This means that one petabyte is equal to 1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes. Its abbreviation is PB and today, it is the largest commercial memory or storage capacity that you can purchase from any store.

Is Gigabyte Bigger than Petabyte?

This question one of the common mistake that most people believe about petabyte. It is mainly because people hear gigabytes a lot more than petabytes and mistakenly believe that a gigabyte is bigger than a petabyte. However, the truth is a bit different than you expect.

A petabyte is bigger than a gigabyte. 1,000 gigabytes is equal to 1 terabyte and 1,000 terabytes are equal to 1 petabyte. In this regard, we can easily tell you that 1 petabyte is way greater than 1 gigabyte. Understanding this comparison can help you significantly to learn more about memory or storage capacities.

Is a Petabyte a Lot?

Without a doubt, a petabyte is quite a lot. If you would save all the time you spend on the internet on your hard disk since the first time you used the internet, you may not be able to fill one petabyte. To put it simply, you could save more than 11,000 4K movies to fill a petabyte. Moreover, each movie takes about 2 hours.

This is equal to watching movies for two and a half years without stopping for a single break. In this respect, a petabyte is a considerably high storage for any purpose.

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