What is PUBG? How to Play?

What's the difference from other online games? How to play PUBG? What is PUBG and how to play? 

PUBG is one of the most downloaded games in the action category. There are 3 different PUBG games, that is including PUBG Steam, PUBG Lite and PUBG Mobile. Millions of people play PUBG everyday. So, what’s the difference from other online games? How to play PUBG?  What is PUBG and how to play?

What Is PUBG?  How to play?

PUBG, consists of 100 players an action game which players try to destroy each other on a single map. PUBG which one of the most played games of recent times, can be played from devices on both Android and iOS operating system.

The game beginning with 100 players parachuting into their chosen areas. Of course, the real fight begins when you land. Having good equipments and strong team mates in the game enables you to survive. The last person or the team that survives at the end of the match wins the match and gets the soup money.

PUBG has 3 different games. These are PUBG Steam, PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile. The games are independent of each other that is to say they don’t progress level by level. If you login to any of these, you can’t be match one of the other apps. The reason as for these 3 types is that the application founder wants to reach more players audience. Let’s tell you a little of what is the difference from each other these games for those who don’t know.

What’s The Difference Between PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite And PUBG Steam?

Character movements and weapons features are simpler level in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Lite is free to play. PUBG Steam is accepted as the peak among this triple according to many people. But, PUBG steam game isn’t played for free. We can say that PUBG Lite is a little more difficult than Pubg Mobile. Because, Character movements and the weapons have more advanced features. But this question confuses of many people: If PUBG Steam game that is accepted the peak, why is PUBG Lite known to more people?

PUBG has moved forward itself for the PC version, but it’s heard more by the name because it is not powerful for PCs with a lower system. There are 60 players in PUBG Lite. The fight also begins with them taking their place on the island. You can team up with your friends in the game, and feel like you are in the game with 3D effects. One of the best parts about the game is that you have unlimited of your lives. When you are injured in the game, you can even heal yourself on the move, unlike other types of PUBG.

Have you ever played PUBG mobile before? Which game of PUBG do you like better? Do you think of the hardest game is really PUBG Lite?

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