What Is The Security Gap In Zoom!

What kind of dangers can Zoom causes? What is the security gap?

As Coronavirus scourges social life; many things done face to face have been replaced online. And Zoom started to become popular.

Actually, Zoom is a video conference app used in many places such as schools and workplaces. Became popular for video calls.

But, Zoom became prohibited due to security concerns. It’s use has been prohibited due to privacy violations and investigation has been launched. But, what can Zoom cause issues? What is the underlying security gap? Here are the details.

Does Zoom is dangerous?

Zoom has a 100 person limit and a 40 minute call limit for it’s free version. It’s possible to increase with their Premium version. And became popular due to simple and useful interface.

But, Coronavirus made the app popular as more places gone online. And being downloaded more than 50 million times. But, it became prohibited due to security reasons and FBI stated that some hacking complaints made about Zoom.

What is the underlying security gap in Zoom? Which precautions taken by countries to cope with the threat? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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