What To Do And What Not To Do At E-Exports!

Well what should we do and what shouldn’t we do at e-exporting? Here are the details...

E-export is very important for many compaines with different scales. Most of the large corporations can start e-exporting by signing a contract but SMSB’s doesn’t have the same situation when it comes to large corporations because e-exporting is seen by SMSB’s as an huge unknown field. Well what should we do and what shouldn’t we do at e-exporting? Here are the details.

What kind of mistakes have been made commonly on e-exporting?

Most SMSB’s want to make sales within the country and out of the country to become global. Actually the most important channel is e-exporting. Let’s state simply for people who doesn’t know e-exporting means that sales made to their customers in abroad by SMSB’s.

SMSB’s make common mistakes that prevents them from taking advantage of e-exporting. Ticimax e-commerce system have uncovered 7 commonly made mistakes by SMSB’s when they’re doing e-exporting. Here are some clues about what to do and what not to do at e-exporting.

  • Making commercials at a wrong language.

One of the most important steps of e-exporting is that making commercials at Google to your target country. You might prefer English because it’s a global language but it might not be a right assumption that all of country’s population knows English. Most target audience at European countries don’t struggle at understanding what they read in English.

But if your target audience is Middle East, Russia, Balkans and inhabitants of Turkish geography, most of the population knows English is not a right assumption. For this reason it’s important to interpret and produce content at this country’s local languages. It’s useful to leave language settings to this country’s residents.

  • Making payment choice with wrong currency

One of the most common mistakes made in e-exporting is that payment which hasn’t been integrated in target country. Of course from your website it’s not possible to offer all sorts of payments but at least in Middle East, Russia, North Africa, Turkic Republics and in European countries it’s important to offering them payment with their national currency. If you allow your customers to pay with their national currency, you’ll see a reduction in leaving the site with their pockets empty.

  • Opening into global stage without preparing payment systems

One of the biggest reasons why Chinese people are successful in exporting that they wear the hat of another country whom they’re exporting. It’s one of the most important features in that hat is payment systems. For this reason it’s important you to think and answer the question ‘’how can i take payments from targeted country’’. While most SMSB’s thinks they can take payments with crediat card, reality is that it’s actually not. For this reason you should carefully research it and you should take into consideration.

Hardships happening at payments causes other people to make customers leaving your site with their empty basket. It’s important for you to offer different payment alternatives like paying at their doorstep. Let’s say you’re targeting Germany. Instead of credit card, you should know that such as Giropay, Paypal and Clickandbuy are the most commonly used systems. For this reason it’s important to make ready your payment system for targeted country.

  • Miscalculating Export Tax

You should take into account of targeted country’s economic situation when you’re making pricing fast in exporting otherwise for some goods are too cheap for other and for some goods it might become very expensive in other countries. When you’re pricing you should make calculation differently on each country when you’re pricing the good because in case of miscalculation, those costs might become expensive. You should think and have the foresight of sales commission, aggressive costs, insurance, logistics costs and other similar costs.

  • Wrong logistics company choice

One of the most commonly made mistake is the wrong selection of logistics company. For example, in case you’re working with a cargo company which has no familiarity in this region you’ll have customer dissatisfaction.

And you should make logistics calculation right, if you don’t calculate them right and if you don’t maket he right preparation your customers might pay extra cargo payment or you might have to pay extra cargo payments.

If you’re planning to sell your products on online marketplaces, you can take advantage of logistics companies for those online marketplaces. For example, having the knowledge of paying in their doorstep is the most common choice is an valuable information in those markets. For this reason you should take those criterias into account in those markets such as paying n their doorstep when you’re making eal with logistics company in those markets.

  • Making wrong campaign at the wrong country

Every country’s culture, traditions and habits are different. For this reason your campaign might not give you what you’ve expected from this country. For this reason it’s been useful to make detailed market researches at your targeted country. What kind of campaigns preferred in your targeted country, to have the knowledge of what kind of commercials work makes you advantegous over gaining customers at your targeted country.

  • Trying to sell in every product in every country

It’s important to make preparations before you want to start e-exporting. If you can’t spend time for it or if you don’t trust your information level, you may want to make the specialist to conduct those researches. One of the most important information about the markets are that every market is not same and every product can’t be sold at every market. For example when the product is in demand in Russia, in Middle East it might not be in demand. For this reason before starting e-exporting it’s important to know what kind of goods can be sold or can’t be sold.

Well what do you think about e-exporting? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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