What Will Happen in 2025 with 5G Technology?

This technology, which is prepared to enter our lives, will show its effect in 2025. So what waits us in 2025 with 5G technology. In our news...

5G technology, which is preparing to enter our lives, will show its effect in 2025. So what waits us in 2025? Here are the details..

Communication technologies, like other areas of technology, are developing rapidly. We can say that this adventure that started with GSM technology continues with 5G technology. 5G technology, which has news and developments every day, is not yet implemented. But it is also a fact that people are curious about it. According to experts, this technology, which is prepared to enter our lives, will show its effect in 2025. So what waits us in 2025 with 5G technology. Here are the details..

As you know, there have been some changes in our concept of time with the introduction of technology into our lives. Thanks to technology, we have come to a position that we can handle every situation quickly. However, developing technology and people who are used to these technologies started to need a faster communication infrastructure. Internet speed has increased its importance, especially with the introduction of smartphones in our lives. Then we met with 4G infrastructure. However, ıt should be noted that 4G does not meet the expectations in terms of efficiency and does not fully meet the needs. Now we are faced with 5G, which excites us about it’s speed.

What will change in our lives in 2025 with 5G technology?

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5G technology has not yet created its infrastructure. The reason for this is that the transformation process in communication technologies takes lots of time. 5G will first be used in South Korea and South Korea will take the lead in this technology. But according to experts, this technology will show its effect in 2025 and will change many things in our lives. Some of these changes are;

1- Smarter cars

We met smart versions of many products. One of them is smart cars. With the development of sensor technology, some changes have occurred in the automotive industry. Cars with features such as parking and automatic driving were produced with these sensors. We wouldn’t be wrong to say that smart cars will be much smarter with 5G technology. Because cars will be able to communicate with each other and provide traffic management. These cars, which will operate fully autonomously and unmanned, aim to eliminate the traffic problem in big cities.

2- Smarter cities

A strong communication infrastructure was needed for the developing artificial intelligence technology. Smart cities and homes will be on the agenda with the 5G technology that will meet this need. Artifical Intelligence systems will manage cities from traffic management to resource planning. In fact, energy efficiency will be achieved by making consumption planning with smart power grids established in cities. The security of cities will be constantly monitored by similar systems.

3- Ultra fast phones

We can say that smart phones are an indispensable part of our lives. Speed ​​problems while watching videos or playing games on the phone is quite annoying. With 5G technology, there will be radical changes in the smartphone industry. With this technology, which will completely change the understanding of mobile devices, there will be many innovations such as low latency, high bandwidth, ultra-fast data transfer. The data transfer rate is expected to be 10 gigabits per second. It should be noted that the speed of the communication infrastructure used today is 1 gigabit per second, although it cannot reach this speed. It is expected that problems such as delay and freezing of the image, especially during video conversation or live broadcasts on social media, are expected to disappear.

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4- Augmented reality applications will increase

Augmented reality, in short, AR applications are applications with very high resolution. For this reason, the speed factor is very important for these applications. With the 5G technology, the usage areas of AR applications will increase. Almost all our stuff will have small cameras. The data obtained from these cameras will be processed in seconds and create 3D images thanks to the speed provided by 5G technology. In this way, AR applications will be available in many areas.

5- There will be developments in the field of health

One of the sectors that 5G technology will affect will be the health sector. Thanks to its fast communication infrastructure, doctors will be able to remotely control robotic surgical devices in real time. With these applications that will revolutionize the health sector, it is expected to bring solutions to many diseases that are not cured today. 5G technology is thought to have the potential to remove barriers in the healthcare industry and provide quality healthcare.

Turkey’s 5G technology is not yet clear when it will start using effectively. It should be noted that the communication infrastructure required for this has not been established yet. We shared with you the developments expected to happen in 2025. It is not known whether 5G technology will make these promises come true or disappointment as in 4G technology. But it seems that it is a technology that will be accepted around the world and will be in our lives very soon.

So what do you think about 5G technology? What do you think could be the benefits and harms of this technology? You can share your thoughts in the comment section.

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