Which Second Hand Products we Buy From the Internet?

Our shopping habits have changed and we all buy many things from the internet. As the internet use is being increased, second hand selling market have taken it’s place on online platforms and while it got popularity, it also started to boom around the world and in our country. Users have started to found many products such as textiles, furnitures, electronics at a much more reasonable price and a much wider variety. Like in the second hand e-commerce uses safe payment systems like their e-commerce counterparts. As a result, people have started to gain some income by selling the products that they don’t use.

One of the fintech companies Iyzico have analyzed second hand e-commerce sales from January 2018 to February 2019. As the result of the analysis, they also shared interesting data from the second hand e-commerce. By the looks of it, second hand shopping’s popularity started to increase. Well, what we buy while making second hand shopping and what we don’t buy? Here are the details.

We’re frugal when we’re buying second hand

According to researches, we’re frugal when it comes to second hand shopping. In average, we spend 49 TL while doing shopping. So, our shopping is less than 50 TL. In those net prices, we prefer to pay with one payment only. But when it exceeds 60 TL, we start to make installments. So, we start to make installments when the price gets bigger. But, in general, we behave frugally and in average, we spend 49 TL. We make our payments in one way payment from our cards.

We prefer shoes from second hand products

When we look at the second hand sales and analyzing the buyer profile, it looks that 70 percent of them are females. So, we can say that females takes the lead at second hand shopping.

Let’s tell you if you wonder what we buy: In general, we see that shoes are preferred. Except that, we buy accessories and dresses. Well, what products that we buy the least? Let’s answer this quickly; in second hand e-commerce jeans and blazer jackets are the least sold products.

Well, what is the most expensive product that being bought second hand? Well, which cheap product has been put into basket? Well, who have bought the most second hand products? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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