You can Create Mutual Playlist on Spotify!

As Spotify is used and loved by many people with a broad range of music pool and it’s features, it allows you to create a mutual playlist with your friends on various conditions. Here are the details.

What is mutual playlist and how to use Spotify?

As Spotify has hundreds of millions of users, it has changed our music listening habits. It can be used for free or it can be used on premium version. Firstly, you should download Spotify on your phone.

It also has premium version if you pay annually and many people uses premium due to the limitations on it’s free version. After you’ve downloaded it, you sign up by entering your information. You just enter your name, surname, birthdate and mail address to sign up. Then, you choose monthly subscription. Finally, you can listen to any song you want.

Even more, you can listen any song online with Spotify. It’s also possible to use it offline too. With wi-fi, you can listen to your songs without internet.

What is the playlist feature of Spotify and how to use it? How can mutual friends takes advantage of playlists? Continues on the news.


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