You can Make Calls with Google Smart Screen Pictures!

Google search allows you to access what you search on the web by ading different searching tools. Now, they added the feature of making searches by taking pictures. Here are the details.

What are Google ’s smart screen images? What are their function?

Smart screen pics got uncovered by combining both tools. One of them is using screen pics from search results; the other is the feature allowing to share and edit the pics. One of them is what’s on my screen used to analyze the search recommendations. They’ll be combined and they’ll work with Google Lens.

You can do online searches with Lens and turning them into machine writing despite your main writing is made by hand. Even more, you can use options with optic charected scanning.

Google ’s smart picture scan and Google Lens will only be used by Android devices because Google downloads automatically with Android 10.16.

This feature offers two options for scanning called as editing and sharing. Editing allows you to make adjustments on your phone and sharing allows you to use this feature. Even more, you can scan the picture with Lens if you took the picture.

How Google will use smrt screen pics? Who will use them? Continues on the news.


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