You can Make Text Search in Your Photos!

Google Photos, one of the services offered by Google is creating convenience for a lot of users for a period of time. While this photo app is being improved daily, it has a new feature. With this feature, it’ll be much easier to reach new writings on your photos.

How will text scanning feature on Google Photos works?

While Google Photos ia a digital photography and archive app developed by Google is amongst one of the most used photo apps. It’s main function is photo and video sharing and storing them has brought lots of innovation since it got launched.

All content on Google Photos backs up and it makes users lves easier by classifying their content. Even more, unlimited storage feature is one of the reasons why it’s been preferred by users that have storage problem.

New feature of Google Photos uses artificial intelligence. This corporation has conducted some studies in artificial intelligence. This new feature uses a technology that’s been combined with artificial intelligence. Text scanning technology takes the advantage of optic charecter familiarization technology.

With artificial intelligence, many objects on photos could be scanned. With this new feature, artificial intelligence can read texts on phones. Texts on the pictures can be downloaded on text format or can be copied somewhere on lens button.

Which benefits does Google Photos’ new feature will offer?

This new feature will work for people that loves to read boks online. With text search technology, old books transformation onto digital boks will get accelerated. You can cature the photos of books and books will be transformed into their digital versions easily. With this new feature, many texts we see on pictures will be understood easier. Even more, it’ll be lifesving at confusing texts and long wi-fi passwords.

Who will use Google Photos’ new feature? What is the problem about this feature? Continues on the news.


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