You Can Open Songs at Spotify with Siri!

Apple users generally use Apple Music or Spotify to listen music. iPhone users might encounter a change in music listening habits with a feature. Because Spotify will take commands from Siri. Here are the details.

How can Spotify users can use Siri?

Apple has broadcasted iOS13 update recently. Some of it’s feature doesn’t being liked from some users. Apple, didn’t forget to give support to Spotify when updating iOS13.

With Apple’s iOS13 update, there are some innovations being made on Apple Music. Apple Music offered Siri feature with iOS13 update. Right now, a surprise awaits for Spotify users. Because Spotify will gain a new dimension with Apple’s Siri.

Spotify will gain the feature of playing a song with Siri. This makes users to listen songs by telling to Siri. Even more, Spotify will open songs after you’ve said Hey Siri from your playlist.

In order to use it, iPhone users Should tap onto Siri and telling it what they want to listen by it’s name verbally. In order to use Spotify’s Siri feature, you should use iPhone and you should have Spoitfy’s recent beta version.

Spotify doesn’t work on Apple Watch because it’s not an application of Apple. Spotify and Siri feature works on AirPods.

What’s behind Apple’s innovation with Spotify? Can this feature is being used? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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