You Can See Public Transports’ Congestion on Phones!

Google Maps will show the percentage of congestion in public transportation.

As traffic becomes a huge issue on large cities, people directs themselves to public transportation. But, it becomes harder when its congested especially when going a place that we don’t know. Now, Google Maps will show the percentage of congestion in public transportation. But how? Here are the details.

How does Google Maps shows congestion?

Google Maps shows every possibilities of travelling to go to your desired destination. Despite Google Maps has many competitors for a long time on iOS and Android, Google is the first and best one to do the job.

Right now, they’re preparing to add a new feature that makes itself ahead from its competitors. The app was informing us how we can go with public transportation. Now, it’ll show how much public transportation is congested.

Even though Google Maps offers us lots of features varying from different transportation methods, they’ll show how much public transports are congested with its recent feature by showing the percentage of congestion; they will ask users a series of questions from data to give us the percentage of congestion that will be used frequently on rush hours.

Do you use public transportation? What do you think about Google Maps is showing the congestion rate on public transports? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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