You Might be Watched by Google and Facebook!

All internet users knows and argues that fact. The power of data. Especially Facebook has come into headlines by watches and uses their users data, got into court and their lawsuits also exists. An accusation being made to Google and Facebook once again. Rumor is that Facebook and Google tracks their users with a special software to learn what kind of inaapropiate content they watch. But how? Here are the details.

How it got revealed that Google and Facebook watch us?

According to a news that was published by New York Times, Microsoft, Carnegie Mellon and University of Pennsylvania conducts a study. 22.484 porn sites are examined at this research. 74 percent of porn sites can be tracked by Google users. 10 percent of them watched by Facebook software. So, 16.638 sites are watched by Google and 2.248 of them are being watched by Facebook.

93 percent of Inappropiate content sites leaks information

According to research, it was scanned that is there a information leak to third-parties by a special software. And results are making us concerned. Thus, according to research report; 93 percent of those sites leaks information to third-parties. Even more, private mode doesn’t prevent their data leak to be prevented. So, sites are continuing to leak data.

How can collected data can be used? How Google and Facebook explained their topic of watching purposes? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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