10 Artificial Intelligence Series That Westworld Fans Can Watch!

There are different artificial intelligence series for these who like the Westworld series. 10 artificial intelligence series, in our news…

Westworld is one of the science fiction series that has managed to reach the general audience about the relationship between artificial intelligence robots and human. It shows us artificial intelligence future. All people watching gets dragged into some thinkings about what can do artificial intelligence in the future. There are also different artificial intelligence series about humans and robots for these who like the Westworld series. You can watch this 10 series about artificial intelligence. In our news…

10 artificial intelligence series for Westworld lovers:

1- Person of Interest

Person of Interest is an action science fiction series that tries to explain that artificial intelligence can be helpful to humanity and the world. This series features a machine developed by the software developer and CIA agent. Terrorism and criminal events are predicted with this machine; There is a struggle to prevent crime.

2- Orphan Black

Orphan Black is about the character Sarah, she is dealing with drugs and living illegally. Sarah decides to save of illegal business and lead a normal life. But, Sarah learns that she is attached to a clone after this decision and the fight for life begins.

3- Humans

This series focuses the impact of robots on human consciousness, artificial intelligence, the real world and how they service people. Is artificial intelligence adapted to the social field, and robots equipped with artificial intelligence are prompting you to think about how much they can change their social order in the future.

4- Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams presents a different subject to the audience with mixing artificial intelligence in each episode like Black Mirror. The author of the science fiction series Electric Dreams is also science fiction writer Philip K. Dick.

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5- Black Mirror

Black Mirror focuses on popular social issues today. It comes across with a different criticism in each part. This series focus various aspects of the relationship between artificial intelligence future technologies and humans. Especially, series discusses the human created with today’s consumer community through artificial intelligence.

6- Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is about the struggle of people living in planets consisting of 12 colonies to survive with robots called Cylon. You get dragged into philosophical thoughts about artificial intelligence while watching this series. The world order created by consumer community is treated as subject in the series.

7- Caprica

Caprica about creation story of the Cylon robot lineage genesis in the series Battlestar Galactica. Although the series is show in a fantastic method; It reflects our attitudes about lineage, religion, belief and politics through artificial intelligence.

8- Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is about how people can come to life by immortalizing their mind with transferring them to other bodies through artificial intelligence. However, it makes one think that the immortalization of consciousness affects all humanity and changes ethic values. Ex and successful soldier Takeshi, come to the new world to solve a very important murder in this series.

9- Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

T-900 model designed to protect John Connor was developed an artificial intelligence with human emotions in the series. The arrival of the T900 instead of the T800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger), thinking about the possibility of artificial intelligence having human emotions.

10- Almost Human

Almost Human, takes place in 2048 when science and technology usher in a new epoch. It reveals the rating of its benefits and harms. This series emphasizes that in the crime world created by advanced technology, the police should cooperate with artificial intelligence in order to prevent crimes.

Are you watching Westworld? Which do you know about artificial intelligence, robots and technology series? You can share in comments.

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