10 Exciting War Movies You Can Watch On Netflix!

War movies can be both enjoyable and instructive for us to see realities. There are many war movies. Let's read 10 exciting war movies you can watch on netflix!

Wars shed light on the milestones and history of nations. War movies can be both enjoyable and instructive for us to see these realities. There are many war movies shot in this area. Let’s read 10 exciting war movies you can watch on netflix!

10 Netflix War Movies to Watch

1- Fury

The last group of American soldiers remaining in Germany in the last days of the Second World War is caught in the middle of the war with their armored tanks called Fury. The film is about a 24-hour period during which this five-man team faced 300 enemy soldiers under siege. Fury’s IMDb: 7.6

2- First They Killed My Father

When the Khmer Rouge invaded Cambodia in the 70’s, the lives of 5-year-old Loung Ung and his family were turned upside down. Loung Ung and his family are forced to work in the labor camp and struggle to survive. The screenplay for this film was written by Angelina Jolie and Loung Ung himself, who is now a human rights activist and lecturer. IMDb Score of the movie “First They Killed My Father”: 7.2

3- Full Metal Jacket

Before the Vietnam War, a group of recruits in the American army is trained. Before the soldiers grasp the seriousness of military service and war, they find themselves in war. Full Metal Jacket’s IMDb Score: 8.3

4- Beasts Of No Nation

The 2015 production of Beasts Of No Nation tells about Agu’s loss of his family in the war and his becoming a child soldier after he had to fight in the civil war in his country. Agu is filled with fear, who has to fight hundreds of soldiers who are children like him. Movie’s IMDb Score: 7.7

5- Dunkirk

The Dunkerque Evacuation is one of the most critical events in World War II. The film about this incident depicts the desperate situation that hundreds of thousands of British troops and allied troops found in their surroundings by enemy soldiers. Dunkirk’s IMDb Score: 7.9

6- Siege of Jadotville

Irish United Nations soldiers who have never taken part in a war before were sent to Congo to protect the inhabitants of the town of Jadotville. Due to the friction between the UN and the people of Congo and the malfunctioning diplomacy, the soldiers find themselves in the middle of the war. IMDb Rating of the movie The Siege of Jadotville: 7.2

7- Saving Private Ryan

A mother who lost her three sons in World War II now only wishes for her fourth son, who is at war, to live. The painful mother’s voice is heard by the President. The whole of America will mobilize for James Ryan to return home safely, but many soldiers’ lives will be at stake along the way. IMDb Score of the movie “Saving Private Ryan”: 8.6

8- Hacksaw Ridge

It is about Medic Desmond T. Doss, a conscientious objector deemed worthy of the first Medal of Honor in American history, rescuing about 75 people without firing a single bullet. IMDb of the movie “War Valley”: 8.1

9- Inglorious Basterds

The film is about the vengeance of a young woman whose family was murdered by the Nazis, with a group of American soldiers known as “Bastards” and they are determined to harm Nazi Germany’s notables. The film, written and directed by the worldwide known director Tarantino, was nominated for an Oscar in eight different categories. Inglourious Basterds IMDb Score: 8.3

10- Outlaw King

It is about the contributions and sacrifices of Robert the Bruce to the independence movement that started after the British King Edward I invaded Scotland. Outlaw King’s IMDb: 6.9

We listed exciting war movies for you. What are the war movies that you watched and enjoyed?

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