4 Tips for Finding Jobs On Linkedin!

Social media platforms come to help in every aspect of our lives nowadays when the habit of using the internet is at its peak. Thanks to these platforms, we socialize, communicate with our friends, access the information we need and even find a job. The platform that brings people from the business world together is Linkedin. Of course, there are some important details about job searching on this platform. Let’s read tips for finding jobs on Linkedin.

How To Find A Job On Linkedin In 4 Steps?

Social media platforms have now become a part of our lives. These platforms, whose number is increasing day by day; they can be used for different purposes and expand their functions. Unlike other social media platforms, Linkedin, a business platform, has been used since 2003. Linkedin; It enables business people to find each other, make friends, stay in touch and exchange information. This platform, which is used by those who have started or are preparing to enter business life, can be called a platform that creates career opportunities. Thanks to Linkedin, users can follow the news about the industry they want, see what is happening in the business world, and find a job. However, of course, there are some points that need to be considered and implemented in order to find a job through this platform.

1-Being A Linkedin Member And Creating Profile

As we explain tips for finding job you must first create a Linkedin profile. You can log in via computer to become a member of this platform, which has millions of users. If you are going to use it with your smart phone; First of all, you must download the application to your phone free of charge from Google Play Store or App Store stores.

After that you will need an e-mail to be a member of Linkedin. After entering information such as e-mail, name and surname to become a member, the most important point to pay attention to is the selection of the profile picture. Users who use Linkedin for job purposes should make sure that they use a high quality and high resolution profile picture. In this way, they will attract the attention of other users who have entered the business world.

2-Creating Experience On Linkedin

Another step that needs to be completed completely is the process of creating experience on LinkedIn. Thanks to the Linkedin platform, users can create CV online. Schools, education and certificates, interests, abilities, work experiences must be recorded in the LinkedIn profile in a complete and understandable manner.

This platform will automatically find a link suggestion based on the saved CV. Thanks to the suggestions, you can reach other users working in your sector and evaluate job opportunities by contacting them.

3-Joining Groups On Linkedin

Thanks to this platform, you can reach groups related to your interests, the sector you work in or the sector you plan to work in. But let’s just point out: Each Linkedin user can only join 50 groups. Therefore, the groups to be joined with should be determined carefully. Being active in member groups and interacting with users will make you visible and expand your Linkedin network. You can also get career opportunities thanks to job postings in groups.

4-Connecting With Professionals On Linkedin

Another important point for users who use the Linkedin platform for employment purposes is to connect with professionals. When looking for a job on this platform, connect with people from the industry you have in mind, stay in touch with people working in the field of human resources, and even contact people who work where you want to work. In this way, when the company you want to work with opens a job, you will be aware of it instantly.

You can make it easier for you to find a job through Linkedin by carefully creating your Linkedin profile, joining groups, being an active user and connecting with professionals.

We explained tips for finding jobs on Linkedin. So do you use Linkedin for job search purposes? What do you think are the most important tricks of finding a job on Linkedin?

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