6 Best Shows on Netflix!

There are endless shows on Netflix, so it is not easy to pick one right away. Best Shows on Netflix, in our news... 

Are you looking for the best Netflix shows to watch? There are endless shows on Netflix, so it is not easy to pick one right away. We understand your struggle! We did a little research for you and brought the best and most-watched Netflix shows together. Check out our 6 Best Shows on Netflix list to go back in time or eventually be lost in it, and even to meet with mystic creatures or the darkness of reality.

6 Best Shows on Netflix:

1- Black Mirror

Dear viewers, hold on to your screens! At the end of every episode, you will be facing your Black Mirror and thoughts. This show will leave you thinking but also will make you come back to continue watching it. Every episode is a different story, so you don’t have to remember the storyline or the characters. Great for those who do not have a lot of time to watch series.

2- The Crown

Meet the Queen and royal family! The Crown is one of the most-watched and loved Netflix shows that can introduce to you the II.Elizabeth. Go back in time and witness the history to be written with Queen Elizabeth.

6 best shows on netflix moblobi

3- Stranger Things

For those sci-fi lovers, Stranger Things will be one of your favorite Netflix shows! Group of children is the main role in this 1980s’ influenced show but everyone can enjoy the mystery of Stranger Things.

4- Dark

You will be confused… Since there are three different timelines in this show, you might feel like you are pushing the limits of your brain to understand. Nevertheless, you will watch with interest until the last minutes of each episode.

5- Elite

The best Netflix shows will make you binge-watch them. Elite is one of the best drama shows on Netflix that will keep you hooked. Witness the drama, love triangles, class differences with the Las Encinas’ students!

6- Bridgerton

Bridgerton is the fairly newest series on this list. However, this romance story became one of the most-watched series on Netflix. It is romantic, historical, and dramatic… If these words appealed to you, Bridgerton is an excellent pick for you. Wonderful for binge-watching on the weekends!

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