8 Hidden Secrets In Black Mirror Bandersnatch You Missed

Let's read about the hidden secrets that you might have missed in the movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Bandersnatch, an interactive adaptation of the science fiction series Black Mirror, surprised us with its experimental story. By including the audience in the story; It appeared as a movie that paused the film at various points and offered different options to the audience. There are some hidden details in the movie that may have overlooked when the audience was trying to choose the next move.

8 Hidden Secrets In Black Mirror Movie:


The story set in the UK in 1984 refers to George Orwell’s famous dystopia “1984”.  You have to choose a book or a photo at some point in the movie. The character who chooses the book gets a secret code and secret details about his life.

2-QR Code

Viewers who deciphered a scratchy call sound coming from the tape the character was listening to on the bus reached a QR code. When you scan the QR code, it directs you to the website of TuckerSoft, where the games featured in the movie are located. When you want to play Bandersnatch on the site, Bandersnatch’s Netflix page opens.


At the very beginning of the movie, his father asks Stefan what cereal he wants. Of course, the audience answers. In the following scenes, when Stefan opens the documentary that Colin gave him, we first watch an advertisement for the “sugar puffs” cereal we chose at the beginning of the movie.

4-Newspaper References

We see a newspaper report in the scenario where the character killed his father. There are three columns next to the article. The titles of the column articles refer to the names of three episodes from previous seasons of Black Mirror.


The poster of the game “Metl Hedd” hanging on the wall of the company refers to the “Metal head” episode of the fourth season of Black Mirror. This episode was directed by Bandersnatch’s director David Slade.


When Stefan goes to the company to promote his game for the first time, he meets Colin. The name of the game Colin is working on is Nohzdyve. Nosedive is the title of the first episode of the third season of Black Mirror. The episode tells the story of a woman addicted to social media.

7-News Channel

In a scene where the news is presented, the articles in the sub-bands are added to the 3rd episode of the 2nd season Also it contains references to episode 1 of season 1 and episode 1 of season 4.


In the movie, we hear that the doctor Stefan went to is named Dr. Haynes. Rolo Haynes was the name of a character in the fourth season finale of the series. This suggests that Rolo may be the son of doctor Haynes.

So, have you watched the Black Mirror movie: Bandersnatch? Which details got your attention?

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