Robots Can Decide Someone’s Fate!

According to experts, artificial intelligence based lethal weapons and robots can decide who to die. Here are the details.

Developments in arms industry accelerated with the developments in artificial intelligence. Various weapons being developed to bring new dimensions to military strategies. Some experts now states that artificial intelligence based weapons can decide someone’s fate. Here are the details.

How does arms industry takes advantage of robots and artificial intelligence?

As artificial intelligence based decision making improves; arms industry utilizes its advantage. Even more, military forces started to forecast about how the new methods of warfare. So, armies are becoming a part of digitalization.

Even more, an executive from New American Society, Paul Scharre stated that machines can decide someone’s fate. Because developments in military can decide someone’s fate. According to DARPA, they’ve found some abilities of artificial intelligence can be modified.

Can artificial intelligence and robots choose someone’s fate?

As modern warfare prefers to destroy strategic resources; self-determining lethal weapons can take the field. Especially US, Russian and Chinese AI researches are supporting the trend globally. Even more, artificial intelligence can decide someone’s fate. But, states approach to this matter is decisive. Moreover, it becomes important for not violating human rights.

What do you think about the use of robots and artificial intelligence in warfare? Can these robots decide someone’s fate? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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