Artifiacial Intelligence Device Detects Coronavirus From A Cough

Coronavirus gets detected with a cough-measuring artificial intelligence device.

Artificial intelligence is (ai technology) used to fight against coronavirus. And cough is one of the symptoms. So, a smart device got developed by artificial intelligence (ai)  to measure our coughing. Be ready to artificial intelligence future.

What is the smart cough-meter with artificial intelligence? How to use it?

As one of the symptoms of coronavirus is coughing; not alla re associated with coronavirus. Because even the flu shows the same symptoms. Now, with ai; you can detect it’s coronavirus related. And it’s name is FluSense.

Smart cough-meter called FluSense divides coughing into certain categories. They use virus proteins as a base. First, they perceive the heat and the voices are saved with a microphone. Then, smart systems evaluates the sound.

Coughing dets defined with smart systems with ai. Then, they become examined by scientists and the resolution is being made.

They notify the person if the sound is found suspicious without going to hospital. So, cough-meter can be useful for the diagnosis of diseases.

What about the test results of cough-meter wit artificial intelligence? What is the concern about this device?

FluSense has been tested on a university hospital. And captured 21 million voice samples with 81 percent accuracy when diagnosing coronavirus. It uses ai and machine learning. AI machine learning developing day by day.

But, some are concerned about cough-meter because of privacy. But, FluSense developers states that there’s no collection of data.

Researchers aims to utilize this device to make early diagnosis on pandemics. Also, they hope that this device will become more efficient.

Do you think that this device will be useful for coronavirus with ai learning? What do you think about these kinds of devices and other artificial intelligence companies? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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