Artificial Intelligence Enables Paralyzed Individuals To Communicate

How artificial intelligence enables paralyzed individuals to communicate?

An artificial intelligence developed enables paralyzed individuals to write and communicate using the power of mind. Artificial intelligence technology is one of the innovations that technological advances have brought to our lives. Although the history of the concept of artificial intelligence, which works similar to human intelligence by analyzing the way of thinking of people, goes back to the past; This concept has started to gain more place in our lives especially recently. This technology, which is used in various sectors, especially in daily life, continues to create serious transformations, especially in the health sector. One of these transformations was the artificial intelligence to write using the paralyzed person’s mind. So how artificial intelligence enables paralyzed individuals to communicate?

How Artificial Intelligence Enables Paralyzed Individuals To Communicate?

Although there are some concerns about artificial intelligence technology, it is a fact that it makes our lives easier and our welfare level increases. In particular, the use of artificial intelligence in the health sector facilitates the diagnosis and treatment process. It is also life-saving for many patients. The big steps taken in technology are now producing solutions and beneficial for people with paralysis.

Communication is one of the biggest problems that make life difficult for individuals with paralysis. It is known that various methods are used to enable these individuals to connect with the outside world. However, the methods in question are often complex methods with a difficult learning process. An artificial intelligence technology developed uses the minds of individuals with paralysis and can write handwriting.

How Does The System Work?

The operation of the system in question can be explained as the interaction between the virtual world and the human brain. While using artificial intelligence technology for individuals with paralysis, a connection is established between the human brain and computer interfaces, and thus control is provided. Electrodes are placed in the parts of the human brain related to movement. With the electrodes, the paralyzed person chooses the letters on the screen using only their thoughts or by moving the cursor. After trying this method, it was observed that the patients could write 39 characters per minute. So it can be said that the method is 3 times slower than natural handwriting. However, as patients practice, their speed will increase and thus their communication with the outside world will also gain speed.

With the trial of this method, studies in the field have increased and different experiments have been carried out. In the experiments, brain activities were monitored and neural networks were allowed to interpret letters. As a result of the experiment, different images emerged for each letter. These studies and advances that will facilitate the communication of paralyzed individuals are seen as curative for many patients. And it is said that with the continuation of technological advances, the results achieved will be much more satisfying.

We explained how artificial intelligence enables paralyzed individuals to communicate. So what other technologies do you think can be used to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities? Are there any good examples you know?

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