Artificial Intelligence First Concert

First artificial intelligence happened. Here are the details.

As artificial intelligence (AI)can do many things; it involves where the human force and intelligence becomes needed. Now, AI started to be used on art. Last year, first artificial intelligence concert occured. This AI had a strange feature. Here are the details.

How did first artificial intelligence concert occured?

As artificial intelligence is used on a very wide scale from science to daily work; now it’s being used on art and various forms of talents. This concert occured in Armenian Parliament. So, first AI concert initiated.

23.World Information Technologies Conference (WITC) occured in Yerevan last year. In this conference; most important CEOs, investors, lecturers and tech experts meet on annual basis.

This year’s WITC Conference was focused on Promise and Peril. While ICT leaders were on cKaren Demirchyan Complex; they talked about how AI was affecting our lives on all perspectives.

On WITC; Maestro Sergey Smbatyan’s WCIT Orchestra initiated it’s first ever concert . This concert has 100 musicians from 15 countries. But, an artificial intelligence initiated the concert . So, AI hopped into music.

What was the strange feature of this AI? Which strange DNA formation initiated the concert ? Continues on the news.


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