Artificial Intelligence Solved Shakespeare’s 400 Years Old Secret

An improved artificial intelligence proved controversy that Shakespeare's works did not belong to him.

An improved artificial intelligence proved controversy that Shakespeare’s works did not belong to him. William Shakespeare is one of the world famous writers. Many of his works that he contributed to world literature still attract great attention. However, in recent years, claims have been made that some of his works do not really belong to him. An artificial intelligence figured out whether the works belonged to Shakespeare or not. Maybe artificial intelligence solved Shakespeare ‘s 400 years old secret.

Did Shakespeare Write All Of His Work?

Nearly four hundred years have passed since the shining star of the Renaissance period and the famous writer who had his name written in gold letters in the world literature. There have been discussions about his works for many years. The allegations were that Shakespare’s works did not belong to him.

The artificial intelligence learning system developed by Petr Plechac, a Czech-born researcher, ended these discussions. Thanks to the software offered to artificial intelligence, secrets that have affected many people and the world from the past to the present have been revealed. The software in question provides evidence that the Henry VIII, written in 1613, was actually written by two different people.

Petr Plechac argues that nearly half of the play was written by John Fletcher. According to the research, some parts of the work were written together. While some parts are written together; in some parts wre made in personal arts way. Although they did not have very long-term working partnerships with the English author, they also brought together some of their works with their joint efforts such as Henry VIII.

Perhaps one of the most productive names of the Renaissance period is John Fletcher. The works of this name with the famous poet and playwright Shakespeare include Cardenio and The Two Noble Kinsmen. Into the Renaissance period, these two literary geniuses combined their forces and created some permanent works. This situation was considered unethical for authors.

We told artificial intelligence solved Shakespeare ‘s secret. So, do you think this analysis of artificial intelligence is correct? Do Shakespeare’s work really belong to someone else?

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