Beware If You Work From Home During Pandemic!

Beware of cyber attacks if you work from home due to coronavirus.

The world got isolated due to coronavirus. And all the employees took their jobs online. Thus, creating more threats against cyber attacks. But, how people can protect themselves while working from home? Here are the clues for people working from home.

Every scale of business started to run their operations on home. Thus leaving some opportunities for hackers. So, they found themselves on a new threat on coronavirus. Now, all home Office workers should pay attention.

Which precautions should be taken when working from home?

As it’s possible to protect ourselves on this era; here are 7 clues that can help you:

  1. All home Office workers should keeo all their communication encrypted. Encrypt your private files now!
  2. Close down the connection immediately if you encounter an unsafe connection. Because they can download harmful software as long as they open.

  1. When sharing passwords; use safer platforms like dropbox should be used instead of Whatsapp for additional safety.
  2. Use two step authentication to keep access and share information safely. It has been done on most websites.
  3. All sessions should be closed on Office computers. Because they can be accessed even though you’ve entered your password.
  4. It’ll be useful to have an easy access to security team if you encounter a hard situation. It’ll become easier when you decide the channel before.
  5. No connection should be made to corporate computers if you use a joint computer. If you have to, use SSL and VPN. Secondly, long and complex passwords should be created. Antivirus programs can become another solution.

Are you working from home during coronavirus pandemic? Which security precautions you take when working from home? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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