Bitcoin Owner Women Becomes More Confident!

Bitcoin owner women have more confidence....

Cryptocurrencies are amongst the most favourite subjects. Even more, we can make transactions with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, one of the digital currencies, it’s use is very common.

BTC Turk and Istanbul University Statistical Application and Research Center have conducted a research about Understanding Bitcoin in Turkish Market. This study is the first scientific study made at this topic. According to results, Bitcoin owner women have more confidence. Here are the interesting results from the research.

This research has been mad efor providing a resource for finance sector or academies and creating an awareness in cryptocurrencies. 379 participants who are under the age gap of 15-55; 64 of them were men and 36 percent of them were women.

Bitcoin user women have more confidence

According to the most surprising result is that Bitcoin user women have much higher confidence. Those women prioritize socialization and they show extroverted and more flexible attitude. Bitcoin user women are generally married and in average, they live in families with 4 people. In general, they have bachelor’s degree and being in high economic status.

Also, according to result, because women loves to make and try saving, they prefer gold as an investment tool. But men prefers to make investments instead of saving when we compare with women.

What women do while using electronic currencies on the internet? What they value more instad of men? Continues on the news.


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