Can Frozen People Be Revived After Dead?

It is possible to freeze a person who dies with today's technology.

It is possible to freeze a person who dies with today’s technology. Many people believe that if it is frozen after death, it can come back to life one day. The freezing process, which was founded in the 1700s, has become quite popular now. So can a person be frozen brought back to life? What happened to people who were frozen in history? How is the freezing process done? Can frozen people be revived after dead?

How Did Frozen People Come About?

Has anyone been cryogenically frozen and thawed? Benjamin Franklin was the name that pioneered the birth of the idea of ​​frozen people. With a letter that Franklin wrote to Jacques Duborg, who was working on postponing death in 1773, the foundations of the freezing process were laid.

200 years after Franklin’s letter, physicist Robert Ettinger believed in the therapeutic effect of freezing. He believed that the human freezing process will succeed as technology improves. He even told this in his book “The Prospect of Immortality”. It was especially stated that the freezing process should be applied to a person at the time of death. Later, other scientists continued to work on the same issues. Robert Prehoda, Robert Nelson, and Dr. Dante Brunol are among other people involved in studies.

Who is the First Person to Be Frozen?

The human freezing process took place for the first time in 1967. James Bedford is the first person to be frozen in the world. Since then, studies continue. Robert Nelson described this human freezing operation in his book “We Froze The First Man” in detail. Sci-fi movies like “Open Your Eyes” and “Vanilla Sky” have also deeply covered this exciting but scary subject.

The activist couple Fred and Linda Chamberlain, who devoted themselves to this project in the following years, founded the “Alcor Life Extension Foundation”. This foundation is an institution that applies freezing operation to many people with terminal illnesses.

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How Did a Frozen Dog Come to Life?

The freezing process has been tried not only on humans but also on animals. In 1992, accompanied by the Cryonics Society, Dr. Segal successfully performed the first animal freezing process. A dog’s blood was drawn, killed, and kept waiting. After 70 minutes of waiting, the body temperature of the dog named Miles, whose blood was re-injected into his veins, returned to room temperature. No change was found in the behavior of the dog, who continued his life in the same way. Dr. After performing this project on Segal’s dog Miles; showed that the frozen creature can be resurrected.

The project carried out on Miles is considered as proof that people who are frozen will continue without any change in their memories when they come back to life one day. Scientists continue to work on preserving living things by freezing. People are waiting for the day when they will be awakened from the dead with technology.

How is Human Freezing Done?

Cryonics means to freeze a part of human body. With today’s technology, there are two methods of freezing people after they die. Brain and head freezing are one of the methods. The second method is freezing the body for irreparable damage and disease.

As a result of the treatment, the human body is frozen to revitalize. People frozen in giant metal tanks filled with liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees are waiting to be resurrected. Nowadays, many people ask for freezing in hopes of immortality technology. But there are also many who think that such a thing is just nonsense.

Would you like people to be frozen to revive? Do you think frozen people really come alive? Can frozen people be revived after dead?

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