Can VR Be Used For Therapy?

How Does Virtual Reality Overcome Your Fears

A new treatment method has been developed for the fear of heights that hasn’t passed for years, your social phobias that you can’t get rid of no matter what you do, or your anxiety that you can’t cope with. The treatment of these problems will be done using with the virtual reality method. You can get rid of depression with VR. We will explain can VR be used for therapy?

How Does Virtual Reality Overcome Your Fears?

Virtual reality that comes into our lives with developing technology, has actually existed around the world for 20 years in the mental health treatments.

Virtual reality phobia treatment is being applied as a therapy method that therapists have recently resorted to. It’s mainly developed for anxiety disorders. It also works in many fiels, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, stress disorder, panic disorder, eating disorder, phobias, schizophrenia, alcohol abuse. Using virtual reality in therapy increasing nowadays.

Virtual reality, also known as Virtual reality (VR), is based on cognitive behavioral therapy (virtual reality therapy). It’s being treated with exposure and confrontation methods. It gives effective results, specially in the treatment of the anxiety and fear disorders. Those who experience claustrophobia, fear of airplanes, fear of heights, fear of cats, social phobia and the anxiety disorders can get rid of these fears with the virtual reality glasses.

It can be difficult situation for the person to face their fears in real life. For example, someone with a fear of indoor space needs to have a real indoor experience to get rid of this fear. Similarly, someone with a fear of spiders can weaken this fear when faced with real spiders. However, the person doesn’t have to do this with the VR application.

How Does Virtual Reality Apply To Fears?

In virtual reality application, you just need to be in the therapist’s room. This method is performed thanks to means of special software or ready-made software. The person is left alone with his fear in where the person is sitting with 3-D virtual reality glasses. Thanks to electrons placed in the brain, the person’s bodily reactions to the stimuli are observed by the therapist. With therapist guidance , a person is exposed to stimuli that they are uncomfortable with, and as they are exposed, their emotional and physical reactions begin to decrease over time. So, the person becomes desensitized to the stimulant. In this way, the person undergoing therapy learns to face the fears that they can’t face in real life.

Therapists consider and apply VR application as an effective method in their therapy. They observe that the clients overcomes their fears in this way. They also say that the treatment process is shortened and the outcome of treatment is mostly positive.

The experts in our country are reporting that the virtual reality app will soon be used in alcohol and substance abuse treatments. We’ll be following the developments closely.

So, where else do you think virtual reality can be used? Which other technologies do you think can be used to alleviate fears?

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