Clues For Digital Spring Cleaning!

We all start to do spring cleaning in our homes and workplaces when spring season comes. However it will be useful to us to make digital cleaning in our digital world as well.Most of us for a longtime files even though we don’t use and that have caused crowd, unchanged passwords for a long time, datas which require updates and backup, portable memories, have devices that requires to take security precations even though we neglect them. Now this spring digital cleaning might be a good opportunity to make digital cleaning. Well how can we do spring cleaning to our phones, computers and our tablets? Here are the clues.

What Should We Do To Make Digital Spring Cleaning?

This year’s Feast of Ramadan came with a 9 days of holiday. Before you go on a holiday or before you depart, having a look at our mobile devices and computers might make your holiday more peaceful. Internet security and antivirus Corporation ESET have claimed that it’s beneficial to us to make digital spring cleaning to our computers, tablets and our phones for better performance and safety. You can take advantage of clues for digital spring cleaning to devices we use as we move thorough the article.

Make Password Changes

The most important security precaution that protects us are our passwords. For this reason, firstly you should update your e-mail account, banking transactions, shopping sites and social media accounts. Just the passwords you make should be tough passwords unlike passwords such as ‘’123456’’. You can click here if you want to make tough passwords.

Take Security Precatuions In Your Phones

Most of us prefers to prefers to connect into internet by our phones. Phones which always on our sides always makes us online at all times. Of course cyber criminals who exploits opportunities are beware of this situation. For this reason you should make the same treatment to our phones as like as our computers. As a result we should protect our phone with security softwares like we do to our computers. Fort his you can use mobile security softwares.

Empty Your Desktop

One of the most important steps of digital spring cleaning is to clean our computer’s desktop.  Have a look on the files on desktop and delete them if unneccessary. If you have unused files you can remove them via control panel. Don’t forget to empty your bin after you remove them. Also make the same process to your tablets and phones as well. As a result you can get rid of applications that makes your devices slower.

Make Backup

It’s useful to make backup to your photos and your most important data at your digital devices  because when you lose them or gets distorted your data gets safe. For this reason backing up your data is also important steo for digital cleaning.

Make Uploads

If you get notified upon uploads comes from operating systems (OS) or softwares, take this seriously. Downloading system patches are beneficial, don’t neglect them because cyber criminals use these gaps inside the OS have been used to upload viruses. Have it on your list for your digital spring cleaning.

Use Antivirus Softwares

Everyday 350 thousand new viruses have been swinging into our digital world. Combating all this virus variations by yourself is nearly impossible. To provide this it’s important to use licenced and actual security softwares because this software will help you provide protection for thousands of new viruses everyday. Don’t neglect to find a antivirus software for yourselves for digital spring cleaning.

Scan Your USB’s, SD Cards And External Memories

External memories should be scanned by actual virus scanner and it should be neutralied if harmful softwares gets detected. External memories, SD Cards and USB’s make our lives a lot easier. Also we are using them commonly. For this reason cyber criminals started to use portable memories to infect viruses commonly. Don’t forget to scan and clean your portable memories for digital spring cleaning.

It’s important for you to activate double factor protection for digital spring cleaning. Well how do you do that? Continues at the news…


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