Does Children Prefer Tablets Or Streets?

As technology improves children has the biggest impact compared to adults. Even more we can say that they’ve been born onto this. Children are spending 1-2 hours playing with technologhical devices. Even more children prefers to spend time playing with their tablets instead of playing games on the streets. Here are the details.

Research company DORInsight have published a research names 23rd of April National Sovereignty and Children’s Bairam. In content of the research, there are some questions asked to children. According to the results uncovered by data, parents prefers to not to put technology away from their children because they think that they’ll be useful fort he future. Let’s share some details from the research.

What does parents think about their children’s relation with technology?

By the looks of it parents are not putting away technology from their children because 81 percent of parents allow their children to spend time with technologhical devices; only 15 percent of parents allow their children to being mingled with technology on summer. The biggest reason is that parents see technology for their children useful to them and they don’t want to being away with it. So, they don’t prevent their children to use them.

Children are on screen 1-2 hours a day

Generally parents (63 percent) prefers to decide their studying and playing time. Most of them (39 percent) stated that their children are studying 2 hours a day and playing 2 hours a day. Of course some parents state that their children are not studying (7 percent) and their children are not playing at all (4 percent.)

According to a research nearly half of them (47 percent) are spending an hour per day with technologhical devices. Thus, a large majority of them (33 percent) stated that their children are spending 2 hours per day with technologhical devices. Only 17 percent of parents stated that their children are spending time 3 hours or more than 3 hours per day. Only 3 percent of parents stated that their children are not spending time with technology at all.

Still children loves to play on the streets

Research shows that unlike children can’t put their head out of screens, children still loves to play on the streets. Their most loved activity is that they love to play with their peers and their friends by 64 percent. Even more, one of their favourite activities are watching film sor cartoons by 53 percent. Even more 46 percent of them loves to play games at home.

Of course we can’t say that they love screens and technologhical devices but when we look at that perspective they prefer to do this activity after that they’ve played with their friends, watching cartoons, playing in the house. Also they love to play computer games and also they love to play games in the games console by 40 percent. Improving and changing world changes where w ego and children are taking technology into their lives. One of them is that playing games at the shopping mall. Children who plays at children’s park and game centers at shopping malls are loved by the majority of children by 23 percent. Even more children prefers to spend time in them instead of reading boks (22 percent) and spending time with their pets by 17 percent.

Parents see them useful fort he future

As we can see children prefers to play with their friends, watch cartoons and playing in their homes. After that they love to play in their games console and with their computers. Research shows that most of parents, even more nearly half of them (47 percent) thinks that spending time with technologhical devices are being beneficial for them in the future because in the digital age they think that they’ll be ready by being mingled with them on the future. Even more some parents (16 percent) thinks that they’ll be good for their cognitive process but some of them thinks as otherwise. Some of those parents (33 percent) thinks that computer games and technology is negatively affecting their children’s cognitive process.

They use tablets to maket hem busy while they’re eating

One of the closest moments of technology is that when children are eating. Especially, sometimes parents use tablets in order to make their children eat. We can see in our close envoirment as parents are putting phones and tablets into children hands when they’re making them eat baby food. According to research it’s been confirmed true because nearly all of parents (88 percent) even though they don’t find it true, even most of them (32 percent) of parents are admitting that their children are using tablets when they are eating. Except that, some parents stated that it’s useful for technology for their children to eat. Some parents (68 percent) stated that they’re not giving tablets at all when they’re eating.

Well can parents control their children’s internet activity and the games they play with? Well what is the question after the research and the data from the research? Continues at the news.


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