Does Countries Interfere Social Media Giants?

Every country has different approaches at social media platforms. Each country’s warnings to social media platforms or the internet giants are showing their dissatisfaction. Here are the details.

Why does countries interfere social media giants?

Russia has warned Google and Facebook with a hard tone before recent elections. Russian Federal Radio and Television Regulatory Board has warned social media platforms about not to air political commercials about provincial elections. Despite Google and Facebook didn’t return back, people assumed that they took the warnings seriously.

Other internet platforms like Google and Facebook works with strict guidelines. Most countries make internet platforms work according to their regulation. For some countries, news broadcasted on internet platforms are being made appropiate to regulations and certain parameters.

For example, Russian Federal Radio and Television Regulatory Board before elections. According to statement made from the Regulatory Board, they’ve warned internet platforms about elections.

Even more, Russian Government stated that if corporations doesn’t pay attention to warning, they’ll evaluate it as a interference to government and elections. Citizens protested it after independent candidates have stepped back from elections and hundreds of them have been taken into custody. It’s been considered that, the Russian Government’s reason of warning is to prevent organizations and to stop protests.

What does people thinks about government interference to social media and internet giants? What can cause this situation? Continues on the news.


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