Does NASA Creating it’s Own Cryptocurrency?

Despite some recent news about cryptocurrencies are true, some of them are not. Does NASA creating it’s own cryptocurrency? Here are the details.

Does NASA really made it’s own cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most important topics at our time. One of them is that rumors about NASA has made it’s own cryptocurrency. Despite official statements claims that NASA is not developing it’s own cryptocurrency, it caused debates on the internet.

As a result of it’s being put into headlines frequently, cryptocurrencies are in the headlines constantly. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that becomes alternative to cash and NASA is established on 1958 to conduct studies on space. But, fake news about NASA has spread swiftly.

Firstly, William Turton made the claim. His tweet about new cryptocurrency and NSA caused some misunderstanding. According to his tweet, NSA was making research and development about cryptography. So, they confused NSA with NASA. This tweet became the focus of bloggers and it became widespread.

How this misunderstandig got corrected? Which magazined made the news as true? Continues on the news.


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