First Artificial Intelligence University Is Being Opened!

What will be inside on artificial intelligence university?

As developments in the field of artificial intelligence; now the first university related to the field is opened. What will be inside on artificial intelligence university? Here are the details.

When does artificial intelligence university will be established?

As global artificial intelligence market is being expected to value around $4 trillion, it becomes more important. Now, first artificial intelligence university will be opened in Abu Dhabi at 2020.

First artificial intelligence university will be called Mohammed Bin Zayed Artificial Intelligence University. This university promises access to the high-end artificial intelligence systems. Right now, it has started to take applications and open to all the world.

Which opportunities will exist?

This university has six PhD. and MSc. programs. It offers specialty in Computer Visual, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. For students, everything included from accomodation to scholarships. And Mohammed Bin Zayed Artificial Intelligence University will start on 2020.

Why education became important on artificial intelligence? Which career opportunities will be offered by artificial intelligence? Which free or paid opportunities can be used for education? What are the online and offline resources? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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