Google’s Website For Coronavirus Testing

Google directs you whether you’re eligible for Coronavirus testing.

Leading tech corporations are making people aware about coronavirus pandemic. And, Google had launched a website for coronavirus testing. They help you about coronavirus test online. Of course this not the best coronavirus test like hospitals.

Where does Google’s coronavirus test used?

People tries to isolate themselves to protect themselves against COVID-19. And, they take information on the web that are mostly inaccurate. Now, tech corporations are conducting studies. And, Google is one of them.

Before Google launched their website to test their eligibility for coronavirus testing, they’ve launched a website to keep people informed. And, Project Baseline is the name of this website.

Project Baseline has been developed by Verify (Google’s subsidiary). This site contains patient tracking, clinical researches and healthcare maps. Now, it’s only activated in California.

To click start button; you go to scan for coronavirus testing eligibility. Scanning contains account creation, signature authenication form and complete scanning. Each step takes 5 minutes.

If you’ve found eligible, they’ll give information about where your testing is going to be made. And, the results are brought with a email or a phone.

What is the most important detail for coronavirus test? Does only US citizens could make? Is there an age gap and a fee?

There’s no US citizenship requirement for Project Baseline. But you have to reside in San Mateo, Sacramento, Santa Clara and Riverside in California.

To join the test, you need to be bigger than 18 and you don’t have to pay money.

Despite there’s a certain capacity, it’s still being developed to enhancements.

Would you like to do coronavirus testing on Google? What do you think about online coronavirus testing? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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