Holograms Will be On Our Lives More Frequently!

How does augmented reality and hologram will enter on our lives?

Hologram and augmented reality technologies are one of the most fascinating technologies of our time. With this technology, it attracted the attention of the brands. Even more, Google has given the sign that it’ll enter in our lives last year. But, what does it awaits? Here are the details.

How does augmented reality and hologram will enter on our lives?

As augmented reality and hologram technologies moves forward swiftly, so does the investment of global giants. One of them is Google’s Magic Leap purchasing Belgium based hologram developing venture.

It’s footprints of exercising without going to gym, without standing up to go to the lecture or without going to concert to listen our favourite artist.

Google’s Magic Leap is a foundation that works on augmented reality and 3D technologies and Google’s moves are being made to ensure that they become the global leader in augmented reality. For this reason, Google preferred purchasing Mimesys. Mimesys is a foundation that serves its corporate clients with hologram technologies.

After Magic Leap, Mimesys has made rapid progress. They developed a technology that makes 3D visual seen while someone sits still, in front of us or dancing. So, it removes the need of being on the building physically on an important business meeting. Or an artist will give concert on all of our houses.

Augmented reality is a technology that requires internet speed and huge investments. As Magic Leap purchased Mimesys, people expects that they’ll make serious progress.

What do you think about augmented reality and hologram technology? What does await in the future? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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