How Can We Communicate in The Earthquake?

Earthquake is a fact. It creates lots of stress and concerns because of disruption in communication but it’s possible to communicate even though the lines are disrupted. Here are the details.

What happens in situations like earthquakes?

In 26th of July, 5.8 magnitude earthquake happened in the epicenter of Silivri, Istanbul. People have raced to their phones to be sure that their closed ones are all right and people couldn’t access each other because operators couldn’t took the toll.

Despite some operators managed to keep the communications after a while Türk Telekom couldn’t made it all day and people got angry. Even more, Türk Telekom’s statement of upgrading of cell sites didn’t get accepted by users and after that Türk Telekom apologised to their users.

Another statement from Türk Telekom is that the disruption got caused because of intensive voice chatting. As an apology from Türk Telekom, they gave 5 GB of internet per month for two months.

How can we communicate offline when situations like earthquake happens?

Many people communicated thorough Whatsapp. Even more, Whatsapp became the hero of the day. But, internet’s availability made Whatsapp as a hero of the day. Even more, some people started to download offline communication in case of those risks.

We have an app that allows us to communicate offline. It’s name is Bridgefy. Bridgefy is an offline messaging app that allows you to communicate with your loved ones by using Bluetooth.

How can we use Bridgefy? How can we communicate without internet or an operatör connection? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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